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What is gay video chat?

Gay video chat is a chat site that is created to fulfil the sexual needs of most gay men. Thousands of gays already created a live video chat room where they are broadcasting themselves. You can click on a boy you would like to chat with and you will be brought directly to the video chat.

How can I get the camboy nude?

Most men are already nude when they are broadcasting their video. They just like people watch them masturbate. If someone is not nude yet you can always buy tokens. With these tokens you are able to tip the person in the chatroom. If the person receives enough tips he will likely go naked.

Can I see recorded gay videos?

A lot of men already pre-recorded some videos to tease other gays. You can find these videos on their profiles. Most of these gay videos will be available for free, but in some cases you will need to pay with tokens in order to stream the video.

Are the camguys allowed to masturbate on videochat?

Totally! We even encourage guys to do sexual explicit action on video. GayVideoChat is a community that is sexual intended. So if you ever have the need to masturbate together with a gay male, you know where to find all these live video.

Are there only twinks on video chat?

No. We have lot’s of teen twinks that hang around in these chatrooms. But even Mature men and grandpa’s are broadcasting themselves on our site. Just see for yourself in the listing of our site and you will find tons of none twink rooms.

Is this something like Omegle or Chatroulette?

On Omegle and chatroulette nudity is not allowed. Here we encourage nudity! Another big difference is the fact that we don’t randomly assign you with someone else. Here you get to choose your favourite gay to video chat with.

Can I chat for free with these gay men?

You can definitely chat for free with these men. If you like the video show they are doing you might want to tip some tokens to show your appreciation. Tokens can be bought with credit cards (Visa,Mastercard,…) from within the videochat room.

Can I sign up as a broadcaster myself?

You can definitely join as a broadcaster. The more people are doing this the more interesting it gets. Please check following link to get more information on how to create your own chatroom.

Can I stream my own video to the chatroom?

This is called cam2cam. Streaming your own video can be done in most gay chatrooms. Not all of them support cam2cam. Ask the person in the chatroom if they would like to perform a cam2cam session with you. After the person in the videochat room agrees, you can both fire up your webcam and masturbate together.